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Would you like to be a title sponsor for the Epic Charity Challenge 2020 in the Iwo Jima? We are looking for corporate donors to support our team in Palau. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and will go to supporting our team of Military Veterans, Active Duty and civilian athletes. Each participant has pledged to raise $5,000.00 that goes our featured charity.  Our goal is raise: $125,000.00 to support a great cause. 

Corporate sponsors will help the team with travel, logistics, meals and lodging. 

Each level will get exposure throughout the event.

We have 5 levels: 

Product: You can donate to our Auction or Gear to Participants. 

Bronze:  $1000.00 Tax Deductible Donation (Unlimited)

Silver: $2500.00 Tax Deductible Donation (Only 3 Available)

Gold: $5,000.00 Tax Deductible Donation (2 Available)

Platinum: $25,000.00 Tax Deductible Donation (1 Available) 

Please contact us via Email at:

Past Epic Charity Sponsors

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